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Babbage Consulting integrates science with art – the science of how the human brain functions (neuroscience) with the art of leadership and human creativity. This unique approach forms the basis of strategies and solutions that can organizations and individuals to achieve higher levels of productivity, focus and well-being.

Leadership Development

The mystery of leadership cannot be understood or solved by reading books or attending conferences. Leadership is a learned skill. Like a musician that becomes a maestro through practice and discipline, leadership begins with a deep understanding of who we are and why we are the way we are. Getting to know ourselves at a deep and intimate level is the first step in a meaningful leadership journey. Leaders and teams must first understand their compromise equation: what are you not willing to compromise as a leader? Once leaders have clarity around this factor, they can lead from a place of courage and authenticity. This is the fundamental principle of my leadership work – an approach that delivers extraordinary and lasting results.

  • Excellent focus on resilience! Great interaction with audience. Very engaging topic and delivery. Very beneficial exercise and useful takeaways! Thanks!

    Tom Lawson FM Global, CEO
  • This was truly a marvelously insightful presentation. And I don’t say that lightly. I appreciated that you challenged everyone to take a step back and evaluate if they are really putting their best foot forward in regards to life, work and happiness. People often do not take the time to be introspective to improve their position and quality of life.

    Julie Weigel FM Global, Account Manager
  • Overall, you were a pleasure to listen to! Positive energy, calming, clear message! I enjoyed the beginning standing and breathing exercises! Thank you!

    Eliza Lopez FM Global, Account Engineer
  • I thought the presentation was excellent. The structure was helpful in maintaining our attentiveness: standing up before hand, providing written exercises, grouping us in different ways and moving around as a speaker. The message dovetails with other efforts that I am making this summer. Thank you for challenging us to think and to set goals without having to spend too much time on them.

    Brenda Mirabile FM Global
  • Thank you! I took away that “one thing” that will help me. I am sure that others had at least one takeaway that they will apply going forward. Thrive! By the way, nice job working with our group!

    Tom Weaver FM Global, Operations Manager
  • Very good concepts to look at yourself and your behavior from another perspective. Identify strengths and build on them. Instill keystone habits in your organization.

    Ray Phillips FM Global, Operations Manager
  • The request to the groups to develop a company goal seemed broad at first. It was amazing to see multiple teams arrive at the same results!

    Jenn Boyle FM Global, Sr. Consultant Engineer
  • It was very insightful and reflective. There were many tips and good advice to incorporate in a daily routing, something people don’t go about usually. I liked the way you presented. There is a calming factor about knowing that with some change and good habits, my brain will be okay.

    Andrea Alcalde FM Global, Business Development Executive
Happiness & Well-being

Happiness & Well-being

Through a series of strategic, deep and probing questions and exercises, individuals and teams can develop a deeper understanding of what is stopping them from being happy! Happiness is not about feeling elevated 24/7. It is about balance, feeling grounded and resilient, and finding a way to deal with challenges that confront us.

Digital Addiction

Digital Addiction

Perhaps the greatest damage that digital addiction inflicts on us is the impact it has on our ability to focus. Without focus very few things are within reach. Many things that were once within reach, slowly slip away. Health deteriorates. Talent and skills weaken. Relationships deteriorate or die. Work suffers. Our comfort zone narrows even more. Confidence erodes. We go from being high-functioning, goal-oriented, creative individuals to half-blind, half-asleep, half-faded human beings. Founded on research about how we form negative habits and how to overcome them, Dr. Gupta helps individuals overcome the challenges of digital addiction.

Women's Issues: Work, Life, Happiness, Parenting

Women’s Issues: Work, Life, Happiness, Parenting

The lens through which a woman looks at the world is different. It just is. We can argue for or against the benefits of a different view – it doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do with it. How does a different view of the world contribute to our success? How can we capitalize our strengths and recover from any brokenness that inhibits us and our growth? How can we lead with power and grace? How can we be better parents? Better beings? What does it mean to be “better”? The questions we ask will shape the future of women and their legacy. Dr.Gupta delivers a powerful message of hope and action, based on research and conversations with women leaders and go-getters.

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